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Think you're a Marvel superfan? Think again.

    • It's time to put your Marvel knowledge to the ultimate test!
    • Compendium of 140 multiple choice questions
    • Covering all corners of the Marvel univers.
    Do you know the password to Stark's quinjet? Or how Fury really lost his eye? What did Natasha and Thor both say to soothe an angry Hulk? What does Drax think that Mantis's antenna are for?

    This epic Marvel Trivia compendium features 140 multiple choice questions covering all corners of the cinematic universe. Grab your closest and geekiest mates and find out who will be crowned Marvel champion with this heroic quiz!So you think you're a Marvel superfan eh? Ha! We've all read the comics and watched the movies - in release order AND chronological order. But now it's time to put your Marvel geekery to the ultimate test. 

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