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Flesh & Blood TCG - Monarch Blitz Decks 4pc - English


Ready-to-play out of the box, Blitz decks are crafted to be a
perfect introduction to Flesh and Blood and the heroes of
Monarch, suitable for new and experienced players alike.

Product Configuration:
• 40 cards, plus hero, weapon, and equipment cards, per
• 4 decks per display (1 of each hero of the 4 heroes)

Flesh and Blood: Welcome to Rathe Unlimited Hero Decks 4-Set

1 Rhinar, Reckless Rampage
BRUTE - An apex predator on the prowl, terrify your enemies with primal bellows and reckless disregard for your own and others survival.
In these jungles that time forgot, only the strong survive.
60-card Brute deck showcasing the "Intimidate" mechanic.
Rhinar, Reckless Rampage hero, weapon and equipment included.

1 Bravo, Showstopper
- Step right up! Step right up! Here's the strongest man in Rathe.
Set the scene and build up the anticipation for the cranial crushing, spine shatttering, show stopping finale!
60-card Guardian deck showcasing the "Crush" Mechanic
Bravo, Showstopper hero, weapon and equipment included.

1 Katsu, the Wanderer
Ninja - Outmaneuver your enemy with a flurry of perfectly coordinated kicks and punches.
Travel the land, kodachi in hand, as a wandering Ronin of mysterious origins.
60-card Ninja deck showcasing the "Combo" mechanic.
Katsu, the Wanderer hero, weapons and equipment included.

1 Dorinthea Ironsong
WARRIOR - With the sword that chose you in hand, fulfill your duty to the people of Solana.
Watch your beloved Dawnblade grow stronger with every elegant swing.
60-card Warrior deck showcasing the "Reprise" mechanic.
Dorinthea Ironsong hero, weapon and equipment included.

Brand: Legend Story Studios
EAN: 09421905459396