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Strixhaven - Set Booster Box - English


Contains 30 Set Booster packs.

INTRODUCING SET BOOSTERS. Set Boosters are the go-to if you're looking to rip open a pack and see what you get. What Draft Boosters are to drafting and Collector Boosters are to collecting, Set Boosters are to cracking packs. PRICELESS REWARDS. Magic the Gathering Strixhaven, School Of Mages Set Boosters come with a foil in every pack (sometimes two) and wildcard slots that give each pack a chance of containing extra rares. SIGNATURE CARDS. Each Set Booster pack includes an art card, a beautiful piece of borderless MTG art, sometimes featuring a foil signature from the artist. PEERLESS WONDERS. Some Set Boosters include a card from Magic's past. From the powerful to the nostalgic to the downright wild, these cards draw from the multitude of themes and mechanics in MTG history.

Contents of 1 booster:

  • 1 Art Card
  • 1 Land Card
  • 6 Connected Commons and Uncommons
  • 1 Head-Turning Card
  • 2 Wildcard Rarity Slots (can be up to 2 rares/mythics)
  • 1 Rare/Mythic Rare Card
  • 1 Foil Card
  • 1 Token/Ad Card

Brand: Wizards of the Coast
EAN: 630509975679