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Halloween contest

from October 1st until October 30th 


Find all the letters and get a chance to win a 20 Euro coupon*.


It's haunting here at Singlesales. Dementors have taken over our website and hid 5 letters for you to find on different pages throughout our webshop. Find the letters and get a chance to win a coupon worth €20. The letters are always on the top right of the pages.

When put together the letters form a spooky word. If you found the word, then send us the answer through our contact form.
We'll give you the first letter for free! 🎁 


Will you find the scary word? Perhaps these tips will help you on your way:

    TIP 1st letter:  On this page you can find a lot of cardboard that can have slot of value sometimes. Go check it out  here !
    TIP 2nd letter:   A hobby for people with steady hands! You can easily do your own thing with this.
    TIP 3rd letter:  The dark lord is always on time because of this item.
    TIP 4th letter:   On this page everyone can have their say. Be it good or bad, everything goes.
    TIP 5th letter:  A cooking mouse is something you don't see every day.

The winner will be announced on November 1st on our Facebook page** :



*This coupon can't be traded in for money and can't be refunded to.

* *Like and follow our Facebook page to get notices.