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Online egg hunt contest

Why should only kids get to have all the fun with hunting easter eggs?  While the kids suffer from a sugary hang over, you too can have some fun exploring our website with our own Marvel Egg Hunt.

Beware, some of the eggs are hidden very well, you will have to look EVERYWHERE!
Can you find all the Marvel eggs?



This contest will start Friday April 2nd 20:00 and end Sunday April 25th 14:00.

What to do?:

1. Look for the Marvel Eggs  (you will find them all over the website in pictures and on sub pages)                                     

2. If you think you have the right answer, go to the Contact form and send us the amount of eggs you found!  You can send multiple answers, but only the last answer counts as your entry!

3. The winner will get a nice prize!


If you're a subscriber on our newsletter, a correct answer will provide you with 5 entries to the contest, where as people who didn't subscribe will only get 1 entry for a right answer. It is till possible to subscribe to the newsletter. You can do this on the main page off our website.

You can also correct your answer. Let's say you think you found all eggs and have given us an answer, but the next day you find another egg you didn't see before. You can just send us your new answer and that one will count. So you get unlimited chances to answer, but only the last answer counts!

Happy Hunting!