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Make your own painting

Which size should I choose?

For the best and most detailed results, we recommend the sizes marked "most popular". Of course you can go for smaller sizes, but when you do, choose a design without text or that doesn't have too much details.

For diamond paintings that have a lot of text or details, we always recommend the sizes marked "most popular"!


Round or Square stones?

No idea whether to choose round stones or square stones? Here's some advice!

Round stones are advised for people who are just starting to diamond paint. They are easy to pick up and to put on the canvas. However the canvas will remain partially visual, because the stones don't cover the surface completely.

Square stones  are perfect for more experienced diamond painters. The result is often more beautiful because the stones cover the canvas completely.

At a certain point you will find your preference between round or square stones, there is no right or wrong here!

What's in my kit?

  • The chosen diamond painting

  • The stones

  • A diamond stitch pen

  • A tweezer

  • A wax cube

  • A sorting tray

  • A couple of PVC bags

  • A Dutch manual

Our diamond paintings have a delivery time of approximatly 30 days!