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Diamond Painting

For our diamond paintings we handle a delivery time of approximately 30 days!

What is diamond painting?

This meditative art exists of placing hundreds of little shiny stones made of resin, one by one, on a sticky color-coded canvas to create a lively sparkling artwork.

When you are finished you can frame your masterpiece or attach it to a canvas to present your diamond painting in style. They are perfect to decorate your walls!

Our diamond paintings are perfect to give as a gift or start a new hobby, which can serve a double purpose as a way to keep busy in these troublesome times and to create your own decorations!

Square or Round, what's the difference?


Benefits of round stones

- Easy is fun: round stones are generally easier for beginners because they are easy to pick up and to place on your canvas.
- Twice as shiny: Round stones are known for looking alot more sparkling, especially on bigger size canvasses.

Benefits of Square stones

- The perfect fit: square stones fit together very neat. There are no gaps in between which makes for very detailed diamond paintings when finished, they are preferred on bigger size canvasses.
- The "Snap". The what? The "snap-sound is something lots of diamond painters like greatly. This is the sound the stones make when your painting is almost finished and are finishing the leftover spots. It can be compared to popping bubble wrap, which might just be one of the greatest joys in life!

But which is the better one?

With all the different diamond paintings to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Based on your skill level you can choose the shape that you like best. As mentioned before, round stones are easier to handle when starting out. Square stones make for a more complete picture, but require more effort to place.