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"A hobby gone out of control" is what it can be called. After years of playing Magic in our local game store and building quite a collection of cards we decided to begin sorting out our bulk of cards and putting them on Cardmarket. This is when Singlesales was born!  After hours and hours and hours of entering cards in the system the orders started to come in, more and more. It is a good feeling to make others happy with cards that we don't need anymore. 

After a while we had the feeling we should move this to the next level and started to put other items for sale as well. But this was limited to a couple of items on a personal account. After careful consideration we decided to take the leap an go professional so we could offer more and better products.

Now the Singlesales Webshop emerges!

But why keep it restricted to Magic? She is a fervent Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter fan, he is crazy about the Star Wars and Marvel Universes, and the kids are into Pokemon.

So we wanted to integrate merchandise of those various brands in our webshop as well. That way we can offer more and have something for everyone's liking!

If something you are looking for is not in our assortment, feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do!

Or if you make or sell products along those lines and would like for us to offer them on our website, contact us!


Our webshop is open for orders 24/7. Ofcourse you can still count on us for single cards but due the high number of them we decided to keep this part to Cardmarket. Combining orders between the webshop and Cardmarket is possible ofcourse! 


As you can see we only offer the latest sets. This is on purpose and products will only be available until our supply runs out. If you are looking for a certain product you can always contact us and we can see what we can do for you!

Presale is possible and when it is applicable it will show up on the homepage.


We want to extend our advantages that are already applied through our Cardmarket account to our webshop:

  • Fast and personal contact with our customers.
  • Offering a good service
  • Fast shipping


With this come safe ways of paying online through different channels.

You can view our terms and condition here. If you don't find an answer to your questions there, feel free to contact us.

We will answer as soon as possible (at most within 24 hours)


Have fun shopping!!!

Anouk & David